sen knives

sen accompanies worldwide chefs in their quest of excellence, in their pursuit of quality product providing good kire-aji knives. Not only sharps, sen knives are also crafted to achieve precision and perfection, enhancing the Kohmi flavor, and the Hojun taste of top chefs cuisine.

It refers to a tasty and flavored cuisine.
It refers to a rich and superior mellow flavor and taste to the notion of excellency food.






We decided to use Kaede wood, a Japanese maple wood grown in Hokkaido, for its elegant color. A natural and long lasting material made to support daily duties.
The Kaede wood dyed in Aizome indigo matches perfectly with the Gingami steel, giving the knife the perfect balance.

Gingami 3 is a high-quality stainless steel made by Hitachi Metals, that combines the hardness of the carbon steel, and the corrosion resistant characteristics of stainless steel. Requiring skillfuled blacksmith to be manipulated, artisans from Sakai are the rare craftsmen able to achieve outstanding Gingami 3 blades. Thanks to Sakai’s craftsmanship Gingami 3 knives are among Japanese chefs favorite knives, featuring traditional know-how and modernity of the stainless steel.


With a distinctive octagonal wooden profile, the handle has a perfect grip that is practicable for usage. Octagonal handle is traditional to the Japanese culture. It was revamped by French duo designers, Noir Vif, with natural indigo dye made by Japanese indigo artisans from Tokushima prefecture. Japanese indigo, is a natural dye produced in Tokushima since 800 years ago. Contrary to chemical dye, the indigo is a natural vegetable dye that evolves with the time, adorning greenish blue tint over the years.

Kiritsuke knives are beveled on the top of the blades, iconic shape of blades made in the the Kanto region. When cutting vegetables, the beveled top can also be convenient to grab food easily.

Manufactured in Sakai, Japan

sen collection is entirely hand-crafted by local craftsmen of the region of Sakai, an emblematic blades production region in Japan. Each knife has been forged, hammered, and sharpened by skillful artisans. We value the work of craftsmen and know-how of the Sakai region. Our brand is a tribute to their work and techniques.