Designed for chefs

Kire-aji is the notion of sharpness and its effect on the ingredients cutting. The kire-aji of Sakai is famous in Japan and known to not alterate the fibers of the food, enhancing the natural and primary taste and flavor of the food. We always put ourselves in users’ shoes; customer satisfaction is our core concerns, and here at SEN knives, we strive to provide the highest quality in Japanese knives.

Japanese spirit

At sen, we believe in Zanshin. Literally, the remaining heart, it’s a notion used in Japan martial arts but also in Buddhism, to describe how our heart is put in an action. In our knives, that’s the blacksmith’s work and heart that remains in our blades. This passionate work is revealed and highlighted in the cuisine, bringing out the best of the ingredients.

Local production

Sen collection is entirely hand-crafted by local craftsmen of the region of Sakai, an emblematic blades production region in Japan. Each knife has been forged, hammered, and sharpened by skillful artisans. We value the work of craftsmen and know-how of the Sakai region. Our brand is a tribute to their work and techniques.

Care for the environment

Besides our emphasis to a local production, we believe in long lasting objects, in a slower consumption where products shall not be over and over renewed. That is the reason why we seek the best materials for sen knives. That excellence in our products results in a highly skilled manufacturing process, and outstanding material like the Gingami 3 stainless steel used in our blades. Lastly, in our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment, we also decided for sen, to use mainly eco-friendly packaging.