Our sustainability

The earth is screaming.

I want to protect this beautiful earth.

We will express the rich blessings of this beautiful country, Japan, to the fullest. And to pursue true Japaneseness.

Our goal is to make people reaffirm the splendor of nature and raise their awareness of sustainability.

Japan is a country where 75% of the land is covered by mountains. These mountains are fed by crystal clear rivers and beautiful water.

Sen is committed to manufacturing products that do not destroy this overwhelmingly rich and beautiful Japanese nature.

The first product born from this beautiful nature in Japan is a knife with a maple handle made in Hokkaido and indigo-dyed handle made in Tokushima Prefecture. The indigo used to make Sen’s indigo-dyed knives is produced without pesticides.

Sen is a Sakai Uchihamono.

Like Sakai Uchihamono, Tokushima Prefecture’s indigo-dyeing is one of Japan’s proud traditional crafts, and like Sakai Uchihamono, has a 600-year history.

The indigo dyeing of Tokushima Prefecture is expressed using the water source of the Yoshino River, one of the largest rivers in Japan, which flows through the mountains of Tokushima Prefecture, which is rich in natural beauty. It is truly Japan blue expressed by the great nature of Japan.

Just as people have their own personalities, trees have their own expressions.

Sen knives are made of natural wood, and the pattern of each knife has a different expression. The indigo-dyeing process, which is done by hand, brings out the beauty of the wood grain and creates a texture that can only be expressed with indigo, further increasing the individuality of the knife’s expression.

We make the most of nature’s blessings, not artificially, to create sustainable products. This is the product concept of Sen.

Sen’s knives are truly one-of-a-kind. There is only one in the world.

Sen is committed to sustainability, and at the same time, we want to share Japanese culture and history with the world, which led us to this first product.

Sen is sincerely committed to sustainability.